Facials are not only relaxing, they improve circulation and give you a natural glow but it also helps keep the skin balanced and looking youthful. I use a specific massage technique to increase blood and oxygen to the muscles around the face keeping you looking younger for longer.


This includes cleanse, deep cleanse, tone, exfoliate, mini facial massage, mask and moisturiser.



Luxury Facial

This includes cleanse, deep cleanse, tone, exfoliate, full face massage, hand, arm, shoulder and chest massage luxury mask, moisturiser



Dermaplaning removes dead skill cells and peach fuzz, it leaves your skin baby smooth! It does not make your hair grow back any thicker as this is vellus hair so it will return as normal.



This is a deep cleansing facial that not only penatrates threw to the 5 layers of the epidermis but also down to the dermis layer. This allows for the removal of impurities and allows for the products to soak deeper within the skin.


High Frequency.JPG

High Frequency
This treatment allows to treat acne skin, dry skin and aging skin. This is an electrode placed over the skin which prodcues ozone (an anti-bacterial) gas to kill and dry out spots. There are to different electrodes with the other being to help treat dry skin/hair.